diHouse Starts Delivering HOBOT Window Cleaning Robots

diHouse Starts Delivering HOBOT Window Cleaning Robots

HOBOT Technology Inc. specializes in the creation of digital electronics and "smart" home appliances. The manufacturer became famous thanks to the creation of the world's first robotic cleaner of windows, walls and floors. The company is constantly improving products, so all of today's models include artificial intelligence technologies and unique patented developments that make HOBOT devices even more efficient.

The range of products supplied by diHouse will include all flagship and new models of HOBOT cleaning robots.

You can control the cleaning robots from the remote control, through the application or by voice. Thanks to powerful vacuum motors, HOBOT washers can work on almost any vertical or horizontal surface. The devices use a patented ultrasonic atomizer system that turns water or detergent into a mist, allowing you to remove dirt without streaks.

Russian users of HOBOT have access to a three-year warranty for the brand's products, after-sales service in a network of branded centers, as well as a "hot line" for contacting official representatives of the manufacturer in the country: +7 (926) 608-71-11