New! Built-in microwave oven DEXP B21BB

The convenience and functionality of kitchen appliances create additional comfort for all the inhabitants of the house. Built-in microwave ovens from the company DEXP allow you to rationally use the area of ​​​​the kitchen and save more free space. The new built-in microwave oven from DEXP is not only optimal and easy to use, but also effectively speeds up the cooking process.

DEXP B21BB has a microwave power of 750 W and an internal volume of 21 liters, thanks to these characteristics it is easy to heat up various dishes. Economical energy consumption will be appreciated by a large family.

This model is additionally equipped with a 900 W quartz grill, which will allow you to bake food better than traditional infrared grills. Using the built-in grill function, you can achieve a crispy golden crust on the finished dish and delight your loved ones with a varied menu.

The internal coating of the chamber is made of stainless steel, which creates an even distribution of microwaves and ensures fast heating, defrosting and cooking.

The novelty is available in classic black with an elegant display.

Cook delicious food with DEXP!