New! Paint Sprayer FinePower OneBase CSPG650

The FinePower OneBase CSPG650 paint sprayer is designed to cover a large area with enamel, paint, varnish or other liquid solution. Thanks to fine spraying, the layer is even and thin, with a minimum chance of smudges. 

With the FinePower OneBase CSPG650 you can prime paint walls, paint a fence or garage door. The large tank capacity is one liter, which will allow you to fill it less often. Nozzle size 2.2 increases sprayer output to 650g/min for fast, high quality coverage. Limiting working viscosity at which no clogging of the nozzle of the 80 DIN model paint sprayer occurs. With the included viscometer, you can measure the viscosity of a liquid and dilute it if necessary. A brush will help clean the device before using another composition.

The standard package includes: device without battery, viscometer, nozzle 1.8 mm and 1.5 mm, cleaning brush.

This novelty will pleasantly surprise owners of FinePower power tools, as it is based on a single OneBase 20 battery platform, which will allow you to profitably acquire the assistants you need in repairs at no additional cost.  

FinePower is your reliable repair assistant!