What is health, a healthy lifestyle (HLS)?

What is health, a healthy lifestyle (HLS)?
The Charter of the World Health Organization states that health is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being, not only the absence of disease and physical defects.
A healthy lifestyle (HLS) is a way of life aimed at disease prevention and health promotion.
According to specialists' estimates, 50-55% of people's health depends on the way of life, 20% on the environment, 18-20% on genetic predisposition, and only 8-10% on health care.
Exercise is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle


Healthy lifestyle is presented as a specific form of expedient human activity - activity aimed at preserving, strengthening and improving one's health.
The relevance of a healthy lifestyle is caused by the increase and change of the nature of loads on the human body due to complication of social life, increase of risks of man-made, ecological, psychological, political and military nature, provoking negative shifts in the state of health. In modern society there is an increasing tendency to lead a healthy lifestyle.Healthy lifestyle is presented as a specific form of expedient human activity - activity aimed at the preservation, strengthening and improvement of health.


Elements of a healthy lifestyle
Nurturing healthy habits and skills from early childhood.
Environment: safe and favorable for living, knowledge about the impact of adverse environmental factors on health.
Avoidance of smoking, drugs and alcohol consumption.
Healthy eating: moderate, appropriate to the physiology of the individual, awareness of the quality of the products consumed.
Movement: a physically active life, including special physical activities (e.g., fitness), taking into account age and physiological characteristics.
Personal and social hygiene: a set of hygienic rules, the observance and implementation of which contributes to the preservation and strengthening of health, the possession of first aid skills.
A person's physiological state is greatly influenced by his or her psycho-emotional state. Therefore, some authors also highlight the following aspects of a healthy lifestyle.
emotional well-being: psychohygiene, the ability to cope with one's own emotions and problems;
Intellectual well-being: a person's ability to learn and use new information to act optimally in new circumstances. Positive thinking.
Spiritual well-being: the ability to set really meaningful, constructive life goals, to strive for them and achieve them. Optimism.
Some researchers also distinguish "social well-being" - the ability to interact with other people.
Under the promotion of a healthy lifestyle is understood a range of activities aimed at its popularization, among which the most important are educational and outreach programs, advertising in the media (radio, television, Internet).
The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer stated: "Nine-tenths of our happiness is based on health. With it all becomes a source of pleasure, while without it absolutely no good can give pleasure, even subjective benefits: qualities of mind, soul, temperament in a state of illness weaken and stagnate. It is not unreasonable that we first of all ask each other about health and wish it to each other: it is truly the main condition of human happiness.
Think about your health, are you satisfied with it?
Choose the points that suit you best and follow them every day:
  1. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. And if you do not have time for that, take a walk. If you take the bus, get off the bus earlier. If you drive a car, go to your floor without an elevator. Try to move around more.
  2. Eat rationally. Eat more food containing fiber and whole grains, and less food containing sugar and made from wheat flour. Don't forget about fruits and vegetables. Cook food with vegetable oil, and reduce your intake of animal fat.
  3. Avoid being overweight, eat at least 5 times a day. When cooking, use low temperatures and short cooking times. This will preserve the healthy vitamins in the food.
  4. Drink more water during the day. This will have a beneficial effect on your skin, allowing you to extend its youthfulness.
  5. Observe your daily routine. Go to bed and get up at the same time. This is the easiest tip to look beautiful, healthy and rested.
  6. Be psychologically balanced. Don't be nervous, because nerve cells regenerate very, very slowly. So find everywhere positive moments.
  7. Strengthen your body. The best way is a contrast shower - warm and cool water. Not only useful, but it also helps to wake up.
  8. Do not smoke, do not abuse alcohol, because these are the main factors that worsen health.
  9. Walk more often in the park, in the fresh air, away from cars.
  10. Do good deeds. Good deeds are reciprocated by good deeds. It is sure to return to you in the form of good health and mood.  

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